Space Matrix’s New Look for a New Era of Work

For more than two decades, Space Matrix has been a global leader in crafting workspaces that go beyond function – they create experiences. Today, we're thrilled to unveil a brand refresh that reflects our journey and the evolving world of work we shape. This is the beginning of a new era and the unveiling of the new face of the workplace design.

Our new look is bold, dynamic, and inclusive, much like the workplaces we design and build. Think of it as a three-dimensional representation of the company and our dedication to making the world a better place to work.

We're not changing, We're evolving

Our current logo has served as our identity since inception, a reflection of our out-of-the-box thinking. As leaders in the workplace design industry, we are solving the biggest problem businesses face - ‘tomorrow’. It was time for our brand identity to truly reflect who we are, what we do, and how we do it. 

As we've grown, so has our vision.” says Arsh Chaudhry, Global CEO, Space MatrixWe've played a pivotal role in shaping workplaces for the future, and it was time for our brand identity to reflect that."

We are Space Matrix, a leading global design and build firm dedicated to Building flourishing communities that drive human potential.

Today, workplaces are no longer just places you go to work, they’re complex ecosystems with evolving needs. From cultivating a vibrant culture to prioritising employee experience and well-being, businesses face growing complexity in creating spaces that truly empower their people. Space Matrix’s evolution signifies the beginning of a ‘new era’, one that acknowledges the many challenges and complexities in the business landscape and the strategic role workplaces now play.

With a bold logo, colour palette, and visual language, we are signaling our commitment to staying at the forefront of workplace design and continue shaping the world of work for the next generation. Our goal? Transforming the workplace into a positive catalyst for people to thrive, businesses to grow and collectively protect our planet.

What's next?

Be ready to see our new look take over the physical and digital landscape. We’re Change Makers, passionate about creating workplaces that make a difference. 

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