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Space Matrix’s New Look for a New Era of Work

Space Matrix’s New Look for a New Era of Work For more than two decades, Space Matrix has been a global leader in crafting workspaces that go beyond function – they create experiences. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a brand refresh that reflects our journey and the evolving world of work we shape. This is

Hacking Your Workplace Design for a Thriving Work Culture

As the nature of economic and business environments, work and the needs of people change, there is a welcome change in how workplaces are conceived.

How Is Technology & Sustainability Transforming Tomorrow’s Workplace

The modern business world has catalysed a dramatic shift in how we work, forever altering the landscape of the future work and workplace. While the return to office remains a trending topic, another trend that is gaining more attention day by day is: designing smart and sustainable workplaces.

Designing for heads-down focused work and heads-up collaborative efforts

Explore innovative workplace designs balancing heads-down focused work and heads-up collaboration. Unlock creativity and productivity with collaborative workspaces!

Designing the Future of Work: A Moment With Space Matrix CEO Arsh Chaudhry

On CBS News' ‘A Moment With’, Space Matrix CEO Arsh Chaudhry delves into the ever-evolving world of workplace design, offering insights into designing office spaces of tomorrow, redefining the workplace with the vision to make the world a better place to work for all.

Crafting New Narratives in Office Design

Explore the evolution of office design beyond desks. Discover trends fostering collaboration, wellness, and inclusivity in the modern workplace. Contact our experts!

Beyond Ping-Pong Tables: Building a Culture of Belonging and Community

Explore the evolution of workplace culture beyond ping-pong tables. Discover how modern office designs foster belonging and community. Contact our experts!

From Transactions to Relationships: Building a Workplace That Feels Like Home

Explore the benefits of workplace flexibility! Learn how crafting adaptable spaces fosters strong employee connections, boosting collaboration, and overall productivity.

2024 Workplace Trends: Where People (and Purpose) Come First

The year 2023 reshaped our understanding of work and its physical canvas, the office. As we step further into 2024, workplace design trends not only echo this shift but amplify it, placing a renewed emphasis on the well-being, adaptability, and sense of belonging of employees within their work environments.

Reimagining Productivity At Work: Crafting A Successful Work-centric Environment

Explore the transformative impact of innovative workspace designs on productivity at work. Discover insights from Vodafone Singapore, American Express, and more.

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