The Art of Office Aesthetics - Boosting Workplace Happiness

As startups in Asia continue to grow and innovate, it's important to consider all aspects of their business, including the aesthetics of their office space. An aesthetic office is indispensable for any successful startup to boost productivity, increase employee satisfaction and build an engaging workspace.

Here, we will discuss the impact of aesthetic appeal in the office and how startups in Asia can design their workspace for optimal productivity.

The Role of Aesthetics in the Workplace

Aesthetics in the workplace refer to the design, layout, and overall atmosphere and emotion they create in a space. These different workplace aesthetics which include the colour scheme, lighting, furniture, artwork, and other design elements all contribute to activating the senses and aim to evoke the desired feeling or emotion. These features play a crucial role in how employees perceive their work environment, which can directly impact their productivity, motivation, and job satisfaction.

The Impact of Aesthetic Appeal on Productivity

1. Boosts Creativity

Innovation and creativity are essential to the success of any startup. An aesthetically appealing office can stimulate the mind and inspire new ideas. Bright colours, unique artwork, and creative design features can encourage employees to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to challenges.

Aesthetically appealing workspace at Stanza Living

Being a leader in co-living spaces, Stanza Living needed a startup office space that would stimulate innovation. For example, the company has a running ticker that displays real-time milestone achievements in a central location for maximum visibility and impact. This approach not only showcases the company's services but also inspires employees to come up with new ideas and boosts creativity. Stanza Living's approach to creating this innovative and aesthetic workplace is a great example of how companies can incorporate creativity into their work environment and improve productivity.

2. Enhances Mood

The aesthetics of an office space can significantly affect an employee's mood. A dull and uninspiring workspace can lead to boredom and fatigue, while an aesthetically appealing space can uplift employees and increase energy levels. This positive mood can lead to increased productivity, engagement, and motivation.

 productive office elements at Licious

Bangalore-based meat delivery startup, Licious understands the importance of workplace aesthetics and office design for a new brand. Their new office, designed by Space Matrix, features custom artwork that not only showcases the brand's love for meat but also uplifts the mood of employees. The Kebab Corner, a breakout space at the heart of the office, is designed to provide a stimulating environment. The Gastro Studio offers new recipe experiences, and employees can enjoy scrumptious meals at the office's very own Copper Chimney. The office's step seating and lunch huts create a perfect interior for enhancing mood and productivity.

3. Increases Focus

Distractions are a common issue in many workplaces, which can lead to reduced productivity and job satisfaction. By designing an aesthetically appealing workspace, startups in Asia can help employees stay focused and engaged in their work. By creating a visually stimulating environment, employees are more likely to avoid distractions and remain productive throughout the workday.

Aesthetic Workplace design productivity at CRED office

CRED, a digital credit card payments start-up office in Bangalore understands the importance of aesthetics in a workplace. Their office design concept created by Space Matrix features a combination of linear and agile workstations, meeting rooms and leadership clusters. There are Meeting rooms ranging from 4-16 pax enclosed rooms and a few open breakthrough spaces with movable furniture to facilitate formal and informal meetings. These productive office elements provide employees with different options for work settings allowing them to focus on their tasks better.

4. Improves Employee Satisfaction

For every business in existence, employee satisfaction is crucial and indispensable for organisational success. Startups can increase employee satisfaction by creating a positive and engaging work environment through an aesthetically appealing workspace. By investing in the aesthetics of the office, companies can attract and retain top talent, leading to increased productivity and long-term success. 

Aesthetic Workspace design for healing and comfort at Amagi

Amagi’s founder wanted an office space that nurtures a sense of healing for anyone who walks in. The outdoor deck embodies this concept with artistically designed mosaic flooring made with discarded pieces of granite and plants grown by employees to pick leaves out to be used to stir in their tea. This thoughtfulness can be seen in other design elements such as concrete flooring, which can help with arthritis when walked on barefoot, and brickwork for partition walls to keep internal temperatures down, eliminating the use of artificial air conditioning and reducing the workspace's carbon footprint. All these elements contribute to employee satisfaction, making it a workspace that's truly worth the commute.

Designing an Aesthetically Appealing Office

1. Incorporate Nature

Nature has a calming effect on the mind, and incorporating natural elements into the office can have a significant impact on the aesthetics and mood of the space. Offices can add plants, flowers, or a water feature to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere that encourages productivity.

2. Use Color Wisely

Colours can significantly affect an employee's mood and productivity. Workspaces can use colour wisely to create a stimulating and engaging workspace. For example, blue is a calming colour that can enhance focus, while yellow is an energising colour that can boost creativity.

3. Add Artwork

Artwork adds a personal touch to the office and can help create a unique and inspiring workspace. Startups in Asia can include paintings, sculptures, or murals that reflect their company culture and values. This can inspire creativity and boost employee morale.

4. Invest in Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element of any office design. Startups in Asia can invest in high-quality lighting to create a bright and inviting space that enhances productivity and mood. It's important to consider both natural and artificial lighting when designing the office, as both can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetics and atmosphere of the space.

Aesthetics play a critical role in the productivity and success of startups in Asia. By investing in an aesthetic workplace, startups can create a positive and engaging work environment that inspires creativity, boosts mood, and enhances productivity. By prioritising workplace aesthetics without sacrificing practicality, an organisation can create a unique and inspiring workspace that attracts top talent and helps to establish a strong brand image for the startup.

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