A Year in Space: Award-winning Office Designs by Space Matrix in 2023

As we step into the future of work, companies are redefining their office spaces to align with evolving work cultures, employee expectations, and the pursuit of excellence. several organisations have embraced innovative and purposeful workplace design trends in 2023 that prioritise employee well-being, diversity, brand optimisation, and customer-centric ethos. 

Let's explore some of 2023's award-winning office design concepts, by Space Matrix - #2023Wrapped!

American Express office in Bangalore by Space Matrix

American Express

Harmony in Work and Life

International Property Awards 2023-2024 for Best Office Interior

The American Express office in Bangalore stands out for its commitment to work-life balance with a modular design that tailors the workplace to changing needs. Thoughtful design and furniture selection, access to charging locations throughout, and a suite of technology tools create an environment that supports productivity. The flexible layout, along with amenities like a gym, daycare centre, and cafeteria within easy reach of work desks fosters a workplace that truly enables a healthy work-life balance. This emphasis on employee well-being contributes to a positive and productive work environment in harmony with the changing demands of both the business and its employees.

Legato Bangalore by Space Matrix


Freedom of Workspace Choice

International Property Awards 2023-2024 for Best Office Interior

Legato's state-of-the-art workspace in Bangalore reflects a culture of diversity and inclusion. Meticulously designed to uphold the company's values, the office features a hospitality-focused entry zone, a large work cafe, various meeting rooms, and open office spaces. With pockets of flexible collaboration zones, the workspace empowers employees to make choices based on their preferences, ensuring a high-performing, employee-focused environment that caters to modern workday requirements.

Taikoo Li Qiantan Shanghai by Space Matrix

Taikoo Li Qiantan

Nurturing Employee Well-being

International Property Awards 2023-2024 for Best Office Interior

The Taikoo Li Qiantan office in Shanghai prioritises employee well-being through an open, agile, interactive, and lively workspace. The design facilitates employee interaction and collaboration, offering a variety of work environments to accommodate different task-oriented needs. The incorporation of areas designed for downtime, including workout spaces and meditation rooms, promotes physical and mental well-being. The "naturalistic" design concept creates a dynamic, future-focused workplace, earning the facility WELL and LEED certifications.

Manish Malhotra Atelier by Space Matrix

Manish Malhotra Atelier

Elevating Brand Aesthetics

2023 Best Interior Design Project - Commercial   

Manish Malhotra's Mumbai office focuses on brand optimisation through its design. The office space reflects the brand's identity and values, creating a space that aligns with the company's culture. This design approach ensures that every aspect of the workspace contributes to the brand's image and fosters a cohesive and inspiring work environment.

Licious Bangalore by Space Matrix


Infusing Spirit into Startup Workspaces

Best Commercial Office of the Year   

Licious's office in Bangalore is a vibrant and spirited workspace inspired by "workspitality". The office design aligns with the company's energy and vision, featuring custom artworks that mirror Licious's ethos. Including breakout spaces like The Kebab Corner and the Gastro Studio encourage socialising and celebrating. The combination of functional workspaces and fun zones creates an office that is both productive and enjoyable, offering employees an unmatched experience.

Nestle's Rebooted Nest Gurgaon by Space Matrix


Collaboration and Efficiency Hub

2023 Best Interior Design Project - Commercial  

Nestle's Rebooted Nest in Gurgaon focuses on collaboration and efficiency by creating a community-oriented workplace. The design caters to different working styles, offering various elements in one space to enable individuals to be more effective. The workspace reflects Nestle's brand values, embracing its culture and providing meaningful work environments that cater to activities like contemplation, collaboration, communication, and concentration.

Make My Trip Bangalore by Space Matrix

Make My Trip

A Journey to Innovation

2023 Best Interior Design Project - Commercial    

Make My Trip's office in Bangalore is designed to embody a customer-centric and innovative ethos. The workspace seamlessly integrates global design signatures, offering a resonant first impression that conveys the brand narrative through material nuances. This design fosters innovation, ignites creativity, and promotes meaningful connections, aligning with Make My Trip's dynamic culture and future office requirements.

Looking Ahead!

The best office designs in 2023 went beyond aesthetics, focusing on creating spaces that enhance employee well-being, support diverse work styles, optimise brand representation, and align with the company's culture and values. These innovative workspaces, designed by Space Matrix, set the stage for a new era of work and workplace in 2024, where the physical environment plays a crucial role in driving success and employee satisfaction.


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