Trending Startup Office Designs in Asia Pacific

Last modified on : 27 september, 2023

An effective and impactful startup office space design has become a successful strategy for the growing startup culture in the Asia-Pacific. A modern workspace can have a significant impact on employee motivation and productivity.  In 2023, with the startup environment flourishing they need spaces high on energy, community, and collaboration to drive innovation, cannot be sustained with conventional corporate office designs and require flexible, efficient, and culturally-aligned alternatives. They are embracing innovative functional spaces that reflect their values and beliefs. The value of well-designed office spaces is evident in their ability to foster a positive work culture and healthy employee relations. Space Matrix has compiled some essential interior design ideas for startup offices that are worth considering.

1. Open-plan spaces: 

Startups are adopting workspace designs like open-plan layouts to foster collaboration, flexibility, and networking recognizing that colleagues can often generate fresh solutions and ideas for the future during casual conversations. By creating workspaces where employees feel comfortable and connected, startups are enabling impromptu meetings and chance interactions that have the potential to spark innovation, leading to increased productivity and creativity. Open-plan spaces enable communication, interaction, and idea-sharing between employees, promoting teamwork.

open-plan spaces

Space Matrix designed the step seating area in Browserstack’s office to promote spontaneous interactions among employees. The casual seating space with a step-like layout encourages relaxation and makes the employees feel more at ease. Designers added bright accent cushions, colourful coffee tables, and potted plants to create a chic and welcoming atmosphere in line with modern office design trends. The area is centrally located and spacious enough for several small groups to collaborate and it can even accommodate large crowds during town hall meetings.  This is an absolute example of how well-designed open-plan spaces can enhance teamwork and creativity in the workplace. 

2. Flexible workspaces:

The emergence of flexible workspace design in Asia-Pacific is due to the limited availability of space and the need to work more efficiently in offices. A flexible startup office design can provide employees with welcoming meeting rooms, workspaces, and other collaborative areas while eliminating the feeling of a constrained work environment. Startups often require flexible workspaces that can be easily scaled up as their businesses grow. Swaviman Das, the design head of Space Matrix, emphasises that the volatile business environment requires flexibility and scalability to accommodate constant change and evolution.

Garage Society: flexible and collaborative workplace for the startup

For instance, Garage Society collaborated with Space Matrix to create a flexible and collaborative workplace for the startup. The workspace features furniture equipped with wheels, making it effortless to reconfigure the space to accommodate diverse conversations, gatherings, and events, thus resulting in an office interior that is flexible enough for different use cases. The design innovations and meticulous space planning lend the workspace an air of flexibility, with a built-in cafe, a spacious outdoor terrace, and various work settings all in one location. This workspace enables teams to work together effectively in a comfortable and stimulating environment, fostering collaboration and productivity.

3. Sustainability:

A sustainable startup office design prioritizes the well-being of people, the environment, and profit to ensure long-term success. Such workplaces enhance employee motivation, productivity, and physical and mental health. It is the responsibility of companies to promote eco-sustainability and minimize their carbon footprint by adopting practices like using non-toxic paints, recyclable materials, and energy-efficient appliances in their office designs. The incorporation of sustainable practices is essential to future-proof an office space.

best startup office design

Rubrik, a cloud data management company, aimed to create a smart and futuristic workplace that embodies its values of collaboration, teamwork, and innovation. This startup office space design from Space Matrix reflects modernity, comfort, and sustainability. The office integrates daylight controls and occupancy sensors to reduce energy consumption by over 10%. In addition, the company promotes electricity conservation through instructive stickers, incentives, and discussions at all levels. The office also encourages electronic waste management by providing separate disposal containers. Rubrik promotes sustainability in daily routines by offering healthier snacks and reusable dishware in the cafeteria, along with nutritional messaging to empower employees to make informed decisions about their health.

4. Branding:

To create an unforgettable brand, it is crucial to stay true to the company's core values, principles, and imagery. Every aspect of the company should reflect these fundamental elements. When manifested in the office workspace design, employees associate themselves with the brand, fostering a sense of belonging. A strong brand helps boost employee motivation, productivity, and talent retention.


Cred's Bangalore office, designed by Space Matrix, features a vibrant colour scheme with a hint of the brand's signature shade, built upon a foundation of neutral tones. The design elements reflect Cred's principles and create a distinctive experience that aligns with the brand's values of customer security and rewards. The expansive workspace is enhanced by warm hues, neutral tones, and appropriate textures to elevate the overall user experience. The office interior helps employees better align themselves with the brand values, allowing them to see Cred's vision more clearly, resulting in improved work output.

5. Comfort and wellness:

To make the workplace more welcoming and soothing, designers can improve indoor air quality, incorporate greenery, and introduce visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile elements. Biophilic office design aims to leverage nature's rejuvenating properties by integrating natural elements into everyday environments, resulting in positive biological and psychological responses. This has tangible benefits for employees, including improved concentration, attentiveness, and cognitive functions, leading to increased productivity and creativity, as well as higher job satisfaction and greater connection to the workplace. These factors contribute to a healthy, happy, and motivated workforce, which can improve talent retention and lower absenteeism rates.

comfort and wellness

At Azqore, Space Matrix's designers aimed to create a central unified location that fosters comfort, well-being, and collective thoughts for the community. They scrutinised the circulation of leading passageways, connected streets, and water locations and integrated smaller neighbourhoods to achieve this goal. The resulting "Resimercial design" incorporates the cosy atmosphere of a home into the workplace to cater to the evolving needs of the millennial workforce. Azqore's Singapore workspace is more inviting, charming, and comfortable than offices of previous decades, providing employees with spaces to unwind and relax during long workdays. The resimercial design promotes employee well-being, resulting in employees spending extra time in the office to enjoy the relaxing ambience.

Startups are increasingly recognizing the potential of innovative workspace design to create functional, creative, and unique spaces that reflect their values, culture, and brand. This is apparent from their adoption of open-plan spaces, flexible workspaces, sustainability, branding, and comfort and wellness elements to create dynamic work environments that support their employees and foster business growth.

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